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AurigaDoc 1.4.0-b released.
Fixed some bugs. Added support for profiling, xml include, index creation, etc. Click here to view the change log.

What Is AurigaDoc?

AurigaDoc is a java-xml-xsl based documentation tool for writing xml documents and converting them to other open formats like HTML(single and multi page), DHTML, PDF, PostScript, Formatting Object(FO), RTF, Java Help and HTML Help(.chm). AurigaDoc is a not an xml editor.

The idea is to keep a single document source(as xml) and convert it to various formats using XSLT.

In addition to the command line interface the conversion functionality of AurigaDoc can be called from java classes. Since the conversion of the source xml document to various output formats is done using XSL it is possible to customize the output by specifying a custom xsl as a parameter to the AurigaDoc converter.

Why AurigaDoc?

The formatting of the content (like bold, italic, list, tables, etc) can be specified by using a subset of well formed html tags. This reduces the learning curve and makes its easy for people already knowing html to write documents in AurigaDoc format.

Technology Used

AurigaDoc is built using open source software like

  • Xerces - A java based XML(Extensible Markup Language) parser from Apache.
  • Xalan - A java based XSLT(Extensible Stylesheet Transformation) engine from Apache.
  • FOP - A java based Formatting Object Implementation from Apache.
  • JFOR - A java based library for converting xsl-fo to rtf.
  • Java Help 2.0 - For generating output in Java Help 2.0 format.
  • Java Mail API - For generating MIME multipart/related message.
  • Steady State Software's CSS2 Parser: For parsing css stylesheets and applying them to pdf/postscript output.


Click to download AurigaDoc.



AurigaDoc is available under the GPL License

For alternative licensing, contact

For more info on AurigaDoc usage, see the docs directory in the distribution or mail kshaikh at aurigalogic dot com.


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