AurigaDoc AurigaDoc: User Guide

4.4. Using AurigaDoc Ant Task
Starting from version 1.3b, AurigaDoc is distributed with an ant task which can be used from an ant target. The following steps should be followed to install and run the aurigadoc task.

Task Description:
Attribute Description Required
format The output format required. Valid values are: html, dhtml, mhtml, mht,fo, pdf, ps, awt, rtf, man, chm, jhelp. Yes
input The path of the input file. Yes
output The path of the output file/directory. Yes, unless the format is awt.
force Force conversion even if the output file(s) are up-to date. No; defaults to false.

Parameters specified as nested elements:

param: aurigadoc task supports the nested param element(s) with the following attributes.
Attribute Description Required
name The parameter name. Yes
value The parameter value. Yes

Note: The aurigadoc ant task will do the conversion only if the output files generated by a conversion are older then the source xml file or the output file(s) are deleted. The output files that are monitored include only text, xml and html and not any images/javascript files generated while building the dhtml output.