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6. CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) Support

Starting from version 1.3b AurigaDoc has been modified to depend heavily on css for formatting document. The appearance for all parts of the document can be controlled using css.

A css can be associated to a document by using the <stylesheet url=".." /> element inside the <document-formatting-info> element.

Even pdf/postscript output can be formatted using a css file. The css file for these outputs can be specified in the <stylesheet-fo url=".." /> element inside the <document-formatting-info> element. See the src (xml) document of this user guide for an example. Although support for css in pdf/postscript output is limited, using a css can greatly improve the look of the output document.
The css url may either be a:

- http:// url
- an absolute file system path
- or a file system path relative to the output directory.

In addition to specifying a css file, formatting for supported html elements can also be controlled by using the style attribute.

CSS stylesheet is not applied while creating the rtf due to limitations in jfor.